The Christian Alphabet Book: Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible

Do you know your Christian ABC’s?

This Christian ABC book is a unique, visual, and enjoyable way to learn the basics of Christianity. ‘Love’, the dove from above, guides you from A to Z with special Biblical lessons of love for all ages.

What is more important than a firm foundation of faith?

Similar to how one learns to read from knowing our regular ABC’s, one will be inspired to know, love, and serve God by learning their Christian ABCs with The Christian Alphabet.

Share the Gospel with your Children

Jesus told Peter, in the gospel of John, to Feed my lambs. This Christian ABC book – The Christian Alphabet – will help parents and grandparents to spiritually feed their little lambs. Give those you love this book to help spread the Good News about God’s everlasting love and life.

The Christian Alphabet Book is more than just a children’s ABC book. It is a book that families can cherish together while sharing its timeless messages that give Glory to God. A family book for all ages!
– Ages 2-5, learn your ABCs and your Christian ABCs with the Christian Alphabet Book and do 26 ‘Seek and you shall find” activities with Christian symbols
– Ages 5-7, 26 fun and educational activities with a nightly prayer including 26 of the most common and important bible verses
– Ages 7-12, Learn 26 simple Christian truths and Bible verses
– Ages 12-104, Learn 100 Christian signs and symbols
– For all ages, Nightly prayers and gain a deeper understanding of our Christian Faith!

This Christian ABC book won 2013 Book of the Year from The Small Christian Publisher’s Association.  It is written and illustrated by the artist, Tracy Sands, whose created the artwork, The Christian Alphabet.

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Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible

Teaching Children about Jesus, Prayer, and the Bible