The Christian Alphabet Song


The Christian Alphabet Song

The Christian Alphabet Song is a great introductory of The Christian Alphabet for small children.  Learning the song is great for church and bible school classes.  It is easy to learn as it is sung to the traditional Alphabet melody.

The Christian Alphabet CD includes the following four songs  whose lyrics are included in The Christian Alphabet Book:

The Christian Alphabet Song
Jesus Loves Me
Silent Night
Amazing Grace

All songs performed and arranged by the group Second Chance.  The first three songs include children voices and Amazing Grace is sung by Joyce Gruschow with background vocals from Second Chance.

All songs recorded in 2012.

The Christian Alphabet Song

Lyrics by Tracy Sands

Performed by Second Chance

Do you know your Christian ABC’s?  Let us learn them, you and me.

A  is for Always

B  Believe

C   is for Christ   He loves me!

D   is Devotion

E   Emmanuel

F    for Faith

G   for God

H   is Heaven

I    for “I am”

J    is for Jesus – The Shepherd and the Lamb!

K   for Kindness

L   is for Love – What kind of love?  Love from above!

Do you know your Christian ABC’s?  Let us sing them, you and me.

M   for Miracle

N   Nativity

O   Omnipotent

P    for Pray

Q   is for Quiet

R   Resurrection

S   for Savior

T   is Trinity

U   is Unity V for Victory!

W  for Worship

X   eXample

Y   is “Yes!”  we say to our Lord

Z   is for Zion, the Kingdom of God

Now we know our Christian ABC’s.  Let’s go share them, you and me.


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