Personalized Christian Gifts

Personalized Christian Gifts


Give a Gift with Meaning

Make every occasion personal with our original artwork.  Our Christian gifts are the perfect way to share the love of Christ.

  • Baptism Gifts
  • Baby Dedications
  • Christening Gifts
  • Newborn Baby Gifts
  • Nursery Art
  • Confirmation
  • First Communion


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Inside The Christian Alphabet

The Christian Alphabet™ was created by Christian artist and author, Tracy Sands. Her artwork is a unique and interactive way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God inspired her to hand-draw these spiritual letters when she was an art teacher. The Christian Alphabet™ was digitized, in order to make original name art prints and now hangs in thousands of homes around the world representing meaningful, personalized Christian gifts.

Our Mission:
The Christian Alphabet™ Company prayerfully pursues a profitable business so that it can:  
  • Glorify God!
  • Inspire people to love and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Give back to those in need by donating a percentage of our sales to a worthy charity every year.
Tracy continues to create new letter designs that teach the basics of Christianity by using deep symbolic images within her artwork.  You can see more about the artwork on our Letter Art Meaning page.
Love from above and ABC = Always Believe in Christ!